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Only linked discord members can play on the minecraft server. see #rules for more information.
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parkourmasterNL parkourmasterNLabout 1 month ago
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we have activated discord linking,

What does that mean?

you now have to link your minecraft account to your discord account 1 time to be able to play on the server.


dont know how that works we made a stap by stap manual:

how to link manual

parkourmasterNL parkourmasterNL3 months ago
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Welcome to the Official Network MC Discord

We have a couple of rules that we want you to agree to before getting access to the Discord server. 
We strongly advise you to read them and not to just agree blindly.

Chat Rules

• NO NSFW stuff: this is a PG-13 server. Swears (in moderation) are allowed.
you will get banned with no warning. 
Inappropriate/sexual and any NSFW media or behavior will result in a ban with no warning depending on the severity. 
Remember, there are children here!

• Use channels for their intended purposes

• No Hate, death threats or offensive jokes

• Racism, sexism, and other discriminatory behaviors are not tolerated.

• Please kee...